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For the exclusive use of M. Al Ayfan 9-407-037 REV: APRIL 23, 2007 BORIS GROYSBERG CHRIS MARQUIS AYESHA KANJI Tim Keller at Katzenbach Partners LLC (A) As Tim Keller was printing his boarding pass for his first weekend off since starting his new job, he reflected on his first few months at the Houston office of consulting firm Katzenbach Partners (KPL). Not everything had gone well since he joined the firm, but he had started to establish relationships at the firm and was developing as a consultant. Most of his time thus far had been spent working on a competitive-dynamics model for one of KPL’s most important clients. He had also been spending a surprising amount of time reflecting on and questioning his career choice. Keller had just…show more content…
So, I was looking for a way out and wanted to explore my interests hands on in international development.” Two friends of Keller’s brother had developed a business plan to establish an IT outsourcing company in Cambodia called Digital Divide Data (DDD), whose mission was to provide sustainable employment to the disadvantaged. Profits earned by the company would be reinvested into a scholarship fund for the employees who worked part time and attended school. Keller moved to Phnom Pehn as the company’s first president. He led the operational start-up, grew the organization to 115 employees over the next two years, and raised substantial grant funding from international aid organizations. “I just went out and literally hit the streets. I knocked on every embassy door in Cambodia, and the World Bank, the IFC, USAID, and essentially gave them a pitch,” he said. After two years of managing DDD, Keller trained a local management team that could run the business. He was ready to return to the United States but was uncertain about what he wanted to do. “I couldn’t go back to the U.S. and look for a job, because most firms would not honor what I had done in Cambodia and hire me as a manager at the age of 26. My other option was to go back into banking, but I would probably have to restart as an analyst. Applying to graduate school seemed like my bridge back into the U.S. job market.” Harvard Business School Keller returned to the United States to attend Harvard Business School,
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