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------------------------------------------------- CASE 2-1 BMW Taps the Emerging Chinese Luxury Markets ------------------------------------------------- MAR 4503 Consumer Behavior FIU JEREMIAS CUADRA, CHARLES KETTEL Abstract BMW is one the largest automobile industries in the word, when you think of BMW you can surely say it's a high quality luxury car. The focus is to re-position itself in a new market. Which is the Chinese luxury market. How does a powerful company like BMW get ahead start in this un-tapped market with so much potential for growth? Leading to more global exposure and also more revenues. (JEREMIAS CUADRA) Q1. There is often a natural tendency to assume that in collectivist cultures such that in China, luxury…show more content…
China is one those most innovated countries in the world, BMW i3 model is not only a smaller frame and compact for the cities but full with new gizmos and tools to make it a whole experience for the driver and the passenger. BMW is also working on something really important which would be the efficient technology, which is exactly what it sounds like the plan is to become more efficient when it comes to battery life and even recharging and all the major technological compartments in the vehicle. The greatest selling point I believe would be the electric emission-free and near silent driving experience how great would it be to be able to go home in one peace it would make you want to use your car more often simply for the experience. Congestion and emission concerns also play an important part BMW must secure its customers that it car will be push to start and live up their standards. Advertisement: The marketing campaign is extremely important to a product. Green and futuristic, is our aim in 2030, we hope to emerge in to this un tapped market in china and with that being said we must emphasize that we are looking at the future and we will continue to innovate are vehicles and not only human friendly but environmental friendly focusing in the planet we live in today for a better tomorrow so are slogan will be make tomorrow today. Environment-oriented theme, since the car is relatively small car that

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