Case 2 Research in Motion Essay

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In this case we will be talking about the company RIM (Research in Motion) and some of the Challenges they faced to protect their Intellectual Property. Research in Motion is best known as the developer of the Blackberry smartphone. Research in Motion was involved on several Patent Litigation with the different competitors. On 1999 Glenayre Technologies (formerly known as Glenayre Electonics) filed a patent infringement suit against RIM claiming that the Inter@ctive pager line used Glenayre’s power-generation from dual battery process. This litigation caused a delay on RIM’s contract renewal with the BellSouth company and also their quarterly earnings report came with lower than expected results. In order to get new customers RIM…show more content…
NPT attorneys discovered that the SAM version they were showing was not the vintage version of it was an updated version which was released after NTP’s invention. This case was so big that almost cause a shutdown to Blackberry systems on the US. In March 2005 both companies tried to reach an agreement that will make RIM to pay $450 million dollars, the negotiations broke down due to other issues. The US Department of Defense filed a brief to allow RIM’s service to be allowed on the US due to the large number of users on the United States Federal Government. Later on 2006 they finally agreed to a settlement and RIM agreed to pay a sum of $612 million USD. On July 2003, while still involved on the NTP and Good Technology lawsuits, they also filed a suit against Xerox filed as a response to some patent discussions made by Xerox that could have affected RIM. Almost two months after the agreement settled with NTP, Visto sued RIM for infringement of four patents. And recently on January 2010 Motorola requested to ban all of the Blackberry phones from being imported into the US and filed a lawsuit claiming that they have infringed on multiple patent. RIM already won a case to Motorola on the UK but they are still fighting with Motorola about this in the US. This case
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