Case 29 Panera Bread Company: Rising Fortunes?

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MAXIS BERHAD COMPANY PROFILE Maxis Berhad, with its consolidated subsidiaries (together, 'Maxis '), is the leading mobile communications service provider in Malaysia with over 11.4 million mobile subscribers as of 30 June 2009. Maxis was granted licences to operate a nationwide GSM900 mobile network, a domestic fixed network and an international gateway in 1993. It commenced its mobile operations in August 1995 and launched its fixed line and international gateway operations in early 1996. Since its establishment, Maxis has been providing a full suite of services on multiple platforms to fulfil the telecommunications needs of individual consumers, SMEs and large corporations in Malaysia. Maxis ' mobile service is offered on a postpaid…show more content…
They serve as the basis for policy and performance appraisals. This is what Maxis stands for : Simple * We aim to keep everything we do as simple as possible. For example, customers understand what it is we are telling them because we do it in a way that is straightforward and easy to understand. We make things simple for everyone, including ourselves. Keeping things simple also means that everything we say is said in a clear direct tone of voice that is friendly and human. Trustworthy * Trust is crucial in every successful relationship and this is true between customers and Maxis, just as it is true between the company and its employees. All good relationships are built on trust which inspires confidence, and, assurance, conviction and reliance. To be trustworthy is a way of life. Creative * Creativity defines us and therefore differentiates us from our competition. It inspires not only our communication style, but also how we answer the phone, design our stores, and deal with challenges. Creative runs through everything we do and everything we say, it 's in our DNA. Brave * To lead people into new territories we have to be brave. We have the courage to try new things, to take the occasional calculated risk, to go where our competitors have not been. It ensures that we stay at the forefront and that our customers benefit from new and better ways of doing things. It means doing the right thing,
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