Case 3.3 Monitoring Law Enforcement Agencies By Malicious Actors

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Q.1. Malicious Actors that Threaten New Jersey’s Law Enforcement agencies Telecommunication technology and increased social networking sites have changed the way terror organizations and other criminal gangs communicate and execute their activities. These new developments had seen intelligence gathering a daunting task that engages the federal, state and local authorities. The new face of fighting crime need a dynamic and robust approach that reaches far beyond the federal and state intelligence agencies. The state of New Jersey’s law enforcement department like any other within the United States and beyond are faced with risks factors that maybe somehow general, but some remain specific to the locale. Some of the major hacktivists and malicious…show more content…
Communication plays a vital role in our lives and our professional scope, as such it is the easiest landing for malicious actors to obtain some information that they need to execute their acts. Some of the ways through which they get this information are as discussed. Internet Monitoring Through internet motoring, malicious actors can capture information as it travels across the Internet to the intended recipient. This act occurs at any point within the physical or electronic systems that the internet may contain. In some cases, they use physical tapping to conduct communication monitoring between law enforcement agencies. Mobile Phone monitoring This targets information transmitted between mobile networks. One of the common ways they acquire such data is through IMSI Catchers which are deployed in their target locations and enticing all phones in that locale to join the network. In some cases, these catchers can intercept calls and
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