Case 3 B&L Inc.

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November 3, 2011 MGMT 3624 -­‐ Case 3: B&L Inc. Assignment 1) What do you think of the quote from Mayes? • How would you respond? • What information would you request? 2) Can Brian Wilson use the EOQ formula here to establish the lot size? • Do all of the EOQ assumptions hold here? 3) Do you think B&L should outsource the bracket? • Why or why not? 4) What would you say to…show more content…
Case Case Setting B&L Inc. in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, manufactured trailers for highway transport trucks, operates in a competitive environment and the General Division Manager is look for opportunities to reduce costs. B&L Inc. Business Setting The company comprised three divisions, each division operated as a separate profit center. B&L manufactured approximately 40 trailers per year, with about two-­‐thirds produced during the period from November to April. Organizational Structure The B&L INC. Company is comprised of three divisions, each division operating as a
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