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Name________________Chris Vesta__________________________ Case_____________Wrap ItUp______________________ In the US health foods have been trendy in the past decade. It is no surprise that such Wrap It Up, a health food alternative to traditional greasy fast food was created in California. If necessity is the mother of invention then Shawn Jackson and Simon Sethi were needy graduate students looking to fill the void of healthy eating options in their lives. The two men out of desperation began a fast and healthy fast food brand located in California. Fast food is deeply ingrained in American society, it represents a fast paced life style where hunger is just a temporary condition that gets in the way of a packed…show more content…
The company also has supply chain issues, when a product runs out the managers are not allowed to improvise substitute ingredients; this policy relieves managers of creativity and more importantly empowerment. Customers with special dietary needs should be able to count on the products they can consume to be available when the visit a location. Wrap It Up has all of this marketing data they are not using to properly align their development with what their customer is looking for. The company has a good start however it has reached a size where changes must be made to accommodate the growth that has been taking the company by storm. Shawn Jackson and Simon Sethi are the founders and co- CEO’s of Wrap It Up. The duo jointly makes decisions and most decisions go through them. Unfortunately the two may be too close to the business, they cannot let go enough to allow managers the freedom they need to properly direct their respective locations. With the introduction of HR manager Martha Reyes the strategy of the business is beginning to change. She is reevaluating the compensation of managers to better retain them or keep turnover down. To test her new plan that was developed by a consulting firm Martha had chosen Managers Erika Whitfield and Ronald Locke along with Associate Managers Carlos Colon and Lisa Tiller to be pilot testers. For six months Whitfield, Locke, Colon, and Tiller will be compensated under the new system. They will then be

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