Case 4: Kingsford Charcoal Essay

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CASE 4: KINGSFORD CHARCOAL 1. Analyze the consumer behaviour and changes in behaviour, as it pertains to grilling.
In America, making barbecue is a culinary art. Cooking Barbecue produces more than simply grilling a steak or a burger; it is associated with a fun and festive spirit. As it is written in the case, “It’s about playing with fire under an open sky, wielding a mean spatula in one hand, a cool drink in the others.” More than that, barbecue gives a great flavor to the food, and it implied being outdoors while hanging out with friends and family. Also, because the concepts itself makes the dinner very informal it procure a change of pace. Although the numbers of Barbecue events has been increasing, it is still a seasonal
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Although charcoal had trended down since 1997, Kingsford reduced its media spending from over $6 million to $1 million, making the situation even worse. In the other side, the substitute product increased their media spending from $4 million in 1998 to over $10 million in 2000.

Brand advertising
In previous years, we saw that TV advertising drove a 7 percent incremental volume increase in the targeted market during the same year and increased 3-4 percent the following year. In fact, Clorox should increase their advertising budget of at least $7 million, and focus on advertising through mass Media. Moreover, because charcoal is a seasonal product, it is important to increase the brand advertisement during the peak season of April through September. The advertising method should be oriented in order to show the advantages of using charcoal and compare it to the substitute product. The main goal of the advertisement should be to motivated consumer to use Kingsford charcoal over any other substitute product or direct competitors. They have to transmit the message that “Only charcoal gives a real barbecue flavor”
The goal of the promotional activity is to increase the sales and consumers consumption of the all charcoal category by optimizing merchandising, assortment, pricing and shelving. By example, within the merchandising, they
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