Case 4 Magrec, Inc Essay

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Case 4: MAGREC, Inc. 1.) Place yourself in the role of the manager. What should you do now? After considering what happened, would you change any of your behaviors? If I was Pat: Even though Fred wants me to fire Dinah, I believe that if I was to fire her, Dinah would file a lawsuit for wrongful discharge. My values and morals should not be the deciding factor in determining if Dinah’s actions are grounds for dismal. As such, I would meet with Fred, and explain to him the result of my lunch meeting with Dinah. At this time I would request , and even demand if need be, a meeting with the VP of Human Resources, Fred, Mr. Leed, the head of MAGREC, Inc. and MAGREC’s legal counsel. During this meeting all facts would be…show more content…
The BOP officer would report to the Board of Directors, would be independent of the senior management team and would be responsible for investigating all matters and working with Senior Management to implement corrective action as necessary. As previously mentioned, it is more than likely that MAGREC’s other customers will find out about this situation. As such, I would also recommend that MAGREC host a meeting with all of the major customers at the facility. MAGREC would then provide full disclosure, and provide MAGREC’s solution to the issue; establishment of quality control standards and independent verification / quality checks, and the establishment of the BPO. If MAGREC tries to sweep this under the rug, it could be the ultimate end of what once was a good company. If MAGREC leadership believes this matter is resolved and no changes need to be made with regards to the company’s culture, then I would resign my position and find other employment. Looking back and considering what had happened, I should have been more insistent with Fred that the matter be addressed with senior management as the response from Fred, at the time of the issue or when the issue came to light, was not an ethical or moral way to conduction business. I let my own beliefs become shaded by my need to continue growing within the organization by not challenging the direction taken and hoping this would blow over and things would be okay. I also could
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