Essay on Case 8-1: No Response from Monitor No. Twenty- Three

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Paul Keller is a countdown technician for the Cape Kennedy complex in Brevard County, Florida. Mr. Keller, his wife Naomi, and their young daughter moved from Minneapolis during the Space Age. Hoping the relocation and the new job would make their family problems disappear, Mr. Keller embraced the challenges at work. While at control monitor 23, Mr. Keller participated in the countdown safety checks. When he had completed his data entry his mind wandered and he began to day dream. He though about how his job used to be interesting and challenging as well as his families excitement the day they moved to Brevard County, Florida. Mr. Keller’s day dreaming stopped; he was losing track of his work. Now he is going to hear about…show more content…
The Keller family issues revolve around Paul Keller’s job and the arguing with his wife. (”Handling employees with,” ) Naomi makes Paul sleep on the couch when they argue which can be a reason why he has trouble sleeping, but I think his overactive-anxiety stricken brain has more to do with his lack of sleep. Anxiety can cause stomach pains. “The brain interacts with the rest of the body through the nervous system...the enteric nervous system helps regulate digestion; something as simple as an argument can slow or disrupt the digestive process, cause abdominal pain.” (Dr. Michael Miller, 2010) There are a multitude of different management approaches that Barksdale can implement to bring Keller to help for his problems From the thoughts of Paul Keller, Barksdale approaches managing his team through directive leadership. This type of leadership, from House’s Path-Goal theory, provides specific guidelines and expectation to subordinates. (James A. Johnson, 2009) Barksdale and the rest of the NASDA management team need to have more regular interaction with their employees. The idea of the Management Grid could help Keller and his problems as well as the quality of the work Keller puts out. If management has high concern for it’s subordinates well-being and high concern for productivity their will be good relationships between Barksdale and his subordinates. (James A. Johnson, 2009) In an atmosphere that is high stress

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