Case 9-4 Needsspace Essay

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Brief Summary
Needspace entered a operating lease with WeHaveIt for 10-Year Lease term.Lease agreements have certain provisions depending on how the contract is written by the lessor to the lessee and what type of lease agreement. In this lease agreement we are focusing operating lease with provisions of NeedSpace and WeHaveIt, which has a 10 year lease term, no options to renew or negotiate renewal offered in the contract and the lessee incurs certain cost, repairs and maintenance. In regards to ASC 840 leases, according to 840-10-20 and 840-10-05-9A, 840-10-05-9B an operating lease is when the lessor the owner of the property gives the lessee the right to use property, plant or equipment for a limited amount of time. Meaning the lessee
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However, the provision in the lease agreement does not call upon the lessee to make deposits but simply requires the lessee to perform repair and maintenance on the leased premises.
Alternative 1: Accrual Method
Since there is a contractual liability for the lessee to perform general repair and maintenance, the maintenance requirement provision may be assumed as a present economic obligation, not just a future commitment. If the fair value estimate of future maintenance expense can be measured with sufficient reliability, the provision may lead to recognition of an accrued liability for the repair and maintenance performance obligation at the inception of the lease. The accrued liability for the repair and maintenance can be reversed when payment is made or liability is created through the performance of the required repair and maintenance.
Alternative 2: Direct expense method
Another way to treat this provision would be not to recognize at the inception of the lease but directly expense the costs when the required maintenance is performed. Regarding the accrual method in Alternative 1, ASC 360-15-25-5 prescribes “the use of accrue-in-advance (accrual) method of accounting for planned maintenance activities is prohibited in annual and interim financial reporting periods.” This is consistent to FASB’s opinion

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