Case: Amalgamated Laboratories Essay

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This case study describes what happens when a health district merges four laboratories into one unit due to external driving forces for change, primarily the government funding cuts. Although the intention was to develop one centralized, efficient, and high volume centre, the inattention to the ‘people issues’ and the cultural differences of the work units results in chaos. The recently hired laboratory manager, Claude, has implemented several stopgap measures intended to address the work load issues resulting from high turnover levels and sick leave usage. However, these measures do not improve the morale and performance problems of the laboratory. Time is running out for Claude as his supervisor gives him an ultimatum to ‘clean house…show more content…
Not only did this provide them with a sense of family and connection, but it also provided them with a tacitly agreed upon way of working with each other. The new system separated employees from their work group and completely disrupted the established work process. Thus, whereas the previous system felt like ‘home’ to employees, the new system felt like ‘hell.’ Compounding this problem was the wide gap in the cultures of the work units as they had been previously structured and the attempts by employees to maintain their allegiances with their ‘like-minded’ former coworkers, at the expense of finding an effective means of building relationships with their new coworkers. The manager, an outsider, appeared to have little appreciation of these interpersonal dynamics. Your analysis of this case study should illustrate a number of concepts. For example, you can apply Lewin’s force field analysis. Identify forces which pull the laboratory back to the past and those forces which push the laboratory toward its revised structure. Also, you can use change management strategies in this case study to illustrate the mechanisms for introducing change in a well established system. Had senior management introduced the change in an incremental fashion, without any major disruptions to the existing relationships among the staff and their customers, then the restructuring may have been more
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