Case Analysis #2 Essay

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Rongsheng Yuan
Hector Martinez
Case analysis#2

Amelia Rogers, the account director for Tassani Communication, worked with the Marketing director, Guy Johnson. Johnson informed her that Dave Burns, the creative director had phoned him to discuss the direction of the “Rust No More Muffler” project. The problem is if Amelia need to take up the situation with Jim Paglia, the COO of Tassani Communications.
Rogers, Burns and Johnson worked on a variety of ideas for the “Rost No More” project. They met to review the work several times to make suggestions of feasibility of the project. Burns was satisfied with the sketch and believed that the work could be improved smoothly. However, Johnson’s boss had some queries about
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It was understandable that Burns should be informed of the requirements of assignments, but his phone calls were overwhelming to Johnson if he questioned too often.
Thirdly, Amelia did not have industry-specific experience, and she did not have good relationship with colleagues in TC, so the project and the conflicts might be a huge challenge for her. Even the COO Paglia encouraged her to ask questions and was willing to help if she had any concerns.
When Rogers, Burns and Johnson worked on the assignment, it was Rogers’ role to be the mediator of Burns and Johnson. According to the case, the colleagues of TC demonstrated that Rogers provided best products by creating conflicts. She only cared about the relationship with her clients and did manage to get achievements. However, she did not get along with her colleagues well due to her arrogant manners. Since Amelia lacked the industry-specific experience and good relationship with colleagues, she got frustrated with the assignment naturally.
The fourth objective is that Johnson’s boss doubted their layout. During the development of their project, Rogers, Burns and Johnson met to review the layout twice. They design a postcard with an illustration of a muffler, but they got a lukewarm reception from Johnson’s boss. As a result, John advised Rogers to get a illustrated sample of the layout. According to the case, Johnson’s boss seemed to be unsatisfied with their idea or give any suggestions to them. Burns might be
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