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Ethical Case Analysis Case-5 Let’s make a deal.
Summary of Case: As a licensed counselor, you are seeing a client that is self-employed electrician. The counselor diagnosed the client with an adjustment disorder with depressed mood and the client will be seeing for the next 6 months. The client notifies the counselor that his business is running slow and cannot afford the session fees. The counselor offers a deal to the client (to rewire the counselor house as payment for the sessions).
Ethical Issue in Case: Possible exploitation using “bartering” as the cost of the service to be provide.
Nature and Dimension of Ethical Issue: establishes fess/bartering. The counselor’s cost of rewiring an old house could be greater then the cost of the session. The counselor’s house is too old, rewiring a house that old will include changing the electrical panel completely and the wires will need to be up to code with the state. The government will send an inspector to revise the work and pass the inspections of the work done.
ACA, AMHCA, and ASCA ethical codes & Florida Statutes by number and name that have bearing in this case:
AHMCA codes of ethics (2015):
Section I-A.1.a -Counselor-Client Relationship & Primary Responsibility
The primary responsibility of Mental health counselors is to respect client autonomy, dignity, and promote client welfare.
Section I.A.1.b.-Mental health counselors are clear with clients about the parameters of counseling relationship. In a professional…

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