Case Analysis : Abc Inc. And Their Campus Recruiter

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This case analysis paper; will go over the issues found in a recruiting process made by Carl Robins. Due to the lack of training given to Carl when he started, he was unable to complete his job successfully. Background ABC inc. and their campus recruiter, Carl Robbins, it’s very clear that the business need to improve their current hiring process and training orientation procedures. For Carl to ensure he was able to be successful at this first recruitment effort, ABC inc. did not provide him with the tools needed for his class. Monica did not assist him knowing that he was new to the recruiting process to ensure that her new hires would have completed everything on time before their start date. Carl reached out to the training room coordinator to be informed that they were booked for the month of June. Carl was not given the process steps on how to properly setup for a new hire class. However the blame still comes down on Carl about his job and not executing the tasks that were given by his senior leadership. Carl disappointed Monica by failing to complete the assigned tasks given to him. The Proper Tools Carl wasn’t given the proper tools to do his job successfully or to organize the efforts of the training class. The necessary tools that he would of needed in order to properly do his job would have been: shared calendar with the training room, a list of all required forms and testing to be completed by each new hire, and a daily overview of what will be discussed in
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