Case Analysis - Allied Medical Waste Transport. Major Problem/Issue.

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Case Analysis - Allied Medical Waste Transport
Major Problem/Issue Allied Medical Waste Tracking Inc. was started to solve the problem of the dangers of improper disposal of medical waste. The intention of the company was clear and the results were supported by the Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988. This act demanded that all health institutions find a way to dispose of their medical waste. The consequences for failing to comply were fines imposed by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Medical facilities were required to have a way of managing infectious waste. Some standards were put in place to make sure that the facilities did not compromise the well being of the environment. There are impacts on human health and the
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This has been its main objective up until it decided to include veterinary waste management. Currently, Allied Medical Waste Tracking issues medical facilities that are using its services with a twenty foot bob truck. As mentioned above, the waste is collected by a trained driver and taken to the disposal facility in Oklahoma.
The effectiveness of this method is that the waste is properly is disposed off through cautious means. Allied Medical Waste Tracking is keen on training its drivers and equipping them with skills that enable them to perform their duties as expected and as in line with the organization’s mission. The drivers’ knowledge on how to handle spillages comes in as a very important aspect in the waste management business. Apart from the medical waste, Allied Medical Waste Tracking decided to take up veterinary waste and use it as a way of improving its market and profits as well.
The major weakness is in the execution of the objectives of Allied Medical Waste Tracking. The disposal means have not been approved by written standards of operating procedures. In addition, there is no regulation whatsoever on the disposal practice. This means that there is no sure way of knowing that the waste’s effects have been neutralized.
Allied Medical Waste Tracking
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