Case Analysis : Andrew M Wyatt

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Andrew M Wyatt is an Attorney with a Series 66 License
Never one to rest on his laurels, attorney Andrew M Wyatt has studied for, tested, and received his Series 66 license. Administered by the North American Securities Administration Association for the Financial Industry and Regulatory Authority, this test and licensing is vital to anyone who wishes to work in the securities field. With a Series 66 license, future investment professionals can become advisers, sell stocks and bonds, and work with client 's investments. None of these job are possible or legal without a Series 66 license.
This license is important because it demonstrates that the broker or advisor has a firm grasp on the rules and regulations related to securities and
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4. Attorney Andrew M Wyatt Explains the Role of a Financial Planner
When attorney Andrew M Wyatt is not working tirelessly in the field of law, he has chosen to also become a well known financial planner in Los Angeles. As a financial planner, Wyatt is responsible for preparing and overseeing the financial plans of his clients. Financial concepts that he is concerned with include retirement planning, cash flow management, financial risk management, investment planning, and insurance planning. Other areas that he works within are tax planning, estate planning, and the succession planning needed by business owners.
The job of financial planner breaks down into steps that are clear and easy for the client to follow. The first step in the process is to create a relationship between the financial planner/advisor and the client. In this phase, both parties will want to establish what type of relationship they will have with each other. After this, it is vital that the financial planner determines exactly what the client 's goals are. What do they want their financial future to look like? Once the planner and the client have decided upon the short term and long term goals, the advisor will thoroughly analyze the clients financial health. It is important to know where they stand currently, so a map can be made to reach a new level of financial freedom. Attorney Andrew M Wyatt then takes this information and creates a financial plan for his clients
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