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Omowumi Aiyeku Professor Andrew Klein Strategic Human Resources Management September 5, 2011 Case Analysis Question: What is Strategic Human Resources Management and how does it link the people with the strategic needs of the business? Introduction Human resource management is a combination of strategically coordinated efforts to manage people. Managing people involves, employing them, teaching and developing their skills, and utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services (Mello, 2010). In most cases the strategic method of human resource management would provide greater support but, in the case of Infosys, strategic human resource management provided a collection of smoke and mirrors which clearly hid the true…show more content…
Infosys did not know how to handle employee frustrations nor did they know how to be hands-on and engaging. Tasks were delegated poorly and improperly, and these issues only increased with the size of the company ( Delong, Tandon & Rengaswamy, 2005). Management could barely keep up with current employee dissatisfaction so management strategies for future growth concentrated on their business strategy rather than on employees. Infosys 's introduction of variable pay and the new promotion policy left many employees in the dark and employee resentment rose. Management did not communicate the reasons for these new policies or how they would affect the current employees ( Delong, Tandon & Rengaswamy, 2005). Infosys implemented many strategies to help the company grow but failed to maintain employer-employee relations. Financially, they did grow; but maybe they grew too large for their management to handle. There was not enough focus placed on preparing managers on how to handle the need to hire more employees and need to change policies to account for increased staff. Management may have relied too much on process than the voice of their employees. The employees felt de-valued and unimportant as assets to the company. They saw people come and go so quickly, as evident by the high attrition rates, that they perceived their roles as equally disposable ( Delong, Tandon & Rengaswamy, 2005). Management for Infosys should have relied more on the traditional

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