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TGIF Case Analysis Alyssia Jimenez Fresno Pacific University Summary of Case: TGIF Quantum Software is a computer software company that is nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado and primarily caters to independent oil businesses. In a short three year growth, founders Stan Albright and Erin Barber have gained traction to over 200 employees and 90 million in sales revenue. With the rapid growth at a fast pace, Quantum employees are subject to hectic and demanding work schedules to keep up with the workload. To relieve the pressure and encourage a team concept, Stan and Erin host a weekly one hour beer bust for the organization. All employees are invited to join the weekly…show more content…
Micro: The micro problem for Quantum is the over utilization of employees with intrinsically meticulous work to keep up with the growth. Employees are often tasked to produce software up to sixteen hours a day and with six day weeks. Leiter, M (2005) mentions, "a thriving, independent business becomes a minor operation within a bigger "strategy" or process over which no one seems to have control". The weekly beer bust includes an over consumption of alcohol thus creating boundaries to be crossed while intoxicated. The founders, Albright and Barber view beer busts as a successful reward that keeps the employees connected as an organization. The morale is being put at risk due to managers and all staff interconnecting while in an intoxicated state. Causes: The fast paced growth of Quantum is causing an overall affect with every level of the organization. The ultra demanding workload is causing the founders to supplement the situation with alcohol perks. Bill, the corporate attorney, witnessed one employee fall on the table and the employees around thought it was comical when it could have resulted in a safety issue. Counterbalancing burnout with alcohol is creating a potential open case of liability. Systems affected The beer bust was not seen as a problem until Bill noticed the informalities between the
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