Case Analysis : Benjamin Piper

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Carmen Rosa
Case-3 Benjamin Piper
Relevant Symptoms: Benjamin is a 16-year-old male, single, who presented to treatment with family conflicts and poor academics performant as the client started is trying to adjust in a new environment. Ben as he wants to be called, is actively drinking alcohol and using cannabis with some peers. (substance dependence, adolescent/parent conflicts, communication, and adjustment issues in a new location).
Mr. Howard is a 42 year-old, Irish-American, married, male, with a bachelor degree education. Who appears to be occupy by his new position in his job which cause the family to move to a different location. Mr. Howards reported that his father and brothers go for drinks every weekends. (family history of alcohol dependency, denial of his son issues).
Mrs. Sherry Piper is a 39 year-old, married, female with a high school level of education and who was working as secretary and now is currently unemployed due to the resent moved of location. Mrs. Piper self-reported family history of alcoholism. Mrs. Piper seems to be projecting/transferring her fears of substance abuse disorder within her son. Sarah Piper is a 14 year-old, Irish American, single, female who is currently in high school. Sarah self-reported to be closer to her mom and recognized the resentment toward her father attention towards her brother. (possible abandoned feeling).
1) Ben:
F.10.10 Alcohol Use Disorder, mild (DSM-5 2013; p.491).
F43.23 Adjustment…
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