Case Analysis : Blind Faith

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Ethical Case Analysis Case-2 Blind Faith Summary of Case: Your client, Chris, has entered counseling to work on interpersonal relationships. In the 3rd session, Chris reports having grown up family where violence, alcohol, and financial problems were significant factors. Christ indicates that life has always been unpredictable and people untrustworthy. Consequently, Chris is lonely and depressed. While telling you this story, Chris becomes emotionally distraught and on the verge of tears. I response to this scene you… Ethical Issue in Case: finding out the true and whether or not to reported, Chris appears to have some lingering child issues, depression, thrust issues, Possible childhood trauma. Nature and Dimension of Ethical…show more content…
491 Board 2009 Florida Statutes: 491.0143 Practice of sex therapy. --Only a person licensed by this chapter who meets the qualifications set by the board may hold herself or himself out as a sex therapist. The board shall define these qualifications by rule. In establishing these qualifications, the board may refer to the sexual disorder and sexual dysfunction sections of the most current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association or other relevant publications. Potential 3 (minimum) courses of action which can be taken with potential consequences: Option 1 and Consequence: the counselor could assume that the client was sexually, physically, and emotionally abuse during the client’s childhood. Insisted that the client share with her/him the traumatic events and seek supervision and discussed the client’s case without the client acknowledge. This action could violate the confidentially and the morals codes of the client and could do harm and could increased trust issues. Option 2 and Consequence: The counselor could ask the client what he is feeling in that moment to obtain more concrete information about what is really causing those high emotions to arise. This way the counselor could obtain more information about the client to decide if the counselor has the expertise necessary to attend the client.
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