Case Analysis : Branch Smith Inc.

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Introduction and Overview: Branch-Smith, Inc. is a family owned business that has been in operation for over 100 years. Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, it employs 70 people full time producing small to medium printing solutions for a this niche market. Products produced include publications, magazines, catalogs, directories and books as well as some commercial printing. The company is able to have a competitive advantage over other printing operations by using a sheet-fed press system that produces a higher quality print over common web based printing. This system is also more flexible than larger scale printers who charge exorbitant fees for print batches of the size targeted by Branch-Smith Inc. Vertically integrated and cost effective they are well balanced in serving the customer with a cost effective and timely solution. Despite being a small company they still have multiple reviews on a regular basis to monitor and control the operations of the business. Branch-Smith Inc. uses strategic planning linked to vison, mission and quality operations to ensure that it is able to maintain its advantage. Some of the key elements of the company’s strategic operations are long-term partnerships with clients, suppliers and industry associations. Utilizing a formal strategic planning process, the company is able to react to changing market conditions and maintain its long-term goals simultaneously.

Question 1: Compare Branch-Smith 's approach to the generic strategic planning
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