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Case Analysis: Presented BY: Walid ElKateb Burger king is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world with more than 12,174 restaurants across 76 countries 60% of which are located in the US & 90% of its restaurants are franchised. By looking at the industry, we can see that Burger king is operating within the fast food hamburger (FFHR) category of the quick service restaurant in the restaurant industry. Sales for the FFHR has been growing rapidly (with…show more content…
This is done by revising the company mission, vision & ensures it follows the objectives of the company. The objectives that should be addressed are: * Increasing market share * Increase corporate influence over franchise * Growing the brand by expanding internationally * Quality &sustainability Followed by coming up with strategic alternatives by following a mixture of both an adaptive & planning decision making. These strategic alternatives will mostly depend on the strong points of the company as well as help the company overcome its weakness & threats & direct it towards seizing the opportunities available to it. Including: 1st: -Following the institution theory Approach: where an organization can succeed by imitating an already successful organization. In this case Burger king can start by seeing how Macdonald`s has succeeded to control the market for so long with such a huge market share & follow a similar strategy. 1.Changing its marketing campaign to target not only its current customers but a new segment by catering to families &kids 2. Providing relevant products to the new segment ( e.g kids meals, toy choices ) 3. Changing the environment it provides to its customer to a more family friendly environment. Advantage: -Safe as it is following an already existing business

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