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1.0 Introduction I will be providing R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited (Burnside) with civil engineering services. This proposal is based on the following drawings obtained by RJ Burnside: • Site Plan – Prepared by Turner Fleisher Architects dated September 16, 2015 • Topographic Survey - Prepared by Bennett Young Limited Professional Land Surveyors dated November 7, 2006 I will work to develop the most economical design while targeting both the City and Client’s expectations. Understanding of Project The proposed development is 3.26 acres of commercial buildings A & E and associated parking lot located at the southwest corner of The Queensway and St. Lawrence Ave in Etobicoke, Ontario. I will be responsible with achieving the following approvals/milestones: • Site Plan Application • Re-zoning of the property With this understanding of the project, I propose the following scope of work and estimated professional fees: Scope of Work Based on review of the documents provided, I propose the following scope of work: 2.0 Detail Design /Site Plan Application 2.1 First Submission In support of Site Plan Application by Burnside, I will: • Obtain from City of Toronto available master planning drawings of existing infrastructure and reports related to stormwater management, sanitary servicing and water supply; • Review and incorporate Wet Weather Flow, City of Toronto Green Development standards and LID concept into design as required; • Prepare a Stormwater

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