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Ditty Kone Amberton University MGT 5670.01
 Executive Leadership Dr. Jonathan Schultz Ethics March 23, 2017 2- The majority of business executives accused of unethical behavior have studied ethics either as a subject in a business course or as an entire course. So what do you think went wrong? Though business executives must have gone through an ethical course at one point in their life, they still find themselves being involved in unethical behavior for many reasons. One is conflict of interests. An example is when there is a vacancy in a given business, and a relative of a business executive applies for a chance to fill the position. The business executive will be in a dilemma whether to pick their relative or not, (Werhane,…show more content…
4- How can consumers use the internet to help control the ethical behavior of business leaders? The Internet also called World Wide Web has been defined as a network for the whole globe through which information is shared amongst people who are in different locations of the world, (Kasser, 2004). This makes the Internet a very efficient medium of communication because it allows information to be shared amongst millions of people around the globe. Business owners know the potential of the Internet about making a particular piece of information to reach many people within a short time. This is why they use the Internet for advertisement. The consumers too can use the Internet to help in controlling ethical behavior of business leaders in various ways. One of the ways consumers can control this behavior using the Internet is sharing information about the standards they expect using social medias and podcasts. Since everyone can access the information if it is made public, the business leaders will see this information and will strive to live according to the standards set by their consumers. This will be an effective way because the business leaders will know that if they do not live up to the standards, the consumers may decide to use competitors’ products. Another way through which the internet can be used by the consumers is by the

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