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Case Analysis - Coca Cola Phyllis Terry Columbia Southern University Strategic Management and Business Policy MBA 5101 Jon Crispin June 30, 2015 Case Analysis - Coca Cola Coca-Cola was the first cola in the United States and is also the top selling cola globally (About Us Coca-Cola History, para. 1). Coke was the only product that Coca Cola Corporation sold when it was first started, and now has other products that satisfy the different palates and concerns of consumers. Consumers don’t realize some of the products that are part of the Coca-Cola family until after reading the bottling information on the label. Financially Coca-Cola is still a global leader in the cola wars, with Pepsi being its number one competitor, but with…show more content…
Because Coca-Cola produces and bottles both carbonated beverages and water, the company must follow the regulations set forth by both the FDA and the EPA (About FDA: What does FDA regulate? 2015, para. 2). Any regulations that do not meet FDA standards could be fined (About FDA: What does FDA regulate? 2015, para. 2). Coca-Cola states in their 2013 annual report: Aside from the FDA’s requirements, other political factors that are being set in accordance with the jurisdictions of countries include income tax, import and export regulations and the uncertainty of political crisis. Political crisis can be in form of protest, which might affect the demand of products, as well as political violence that makes it hard for the products to penetrating in political crisis zones, to mention a few. Changes in government regulations such as nutritional labeling that are now required, and fluctuating foreign currency rates, and fluctuating prices of materials needed to manufacture the product in other countries are factors that can result in a loss of revenue (Item 1A. Risk Factors, 2014, p. 13). Economic Factors Economic factors play a large role in the revenue of Coca-Cola. These economic factors include; interest rate, inflation, standard of living, wages, exchange rate, unemployment rate and the overall economic growth of the country. Each of these factors
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