Case Analysis: Cola Wars

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Current Situation The case explains the economics of the soft drink industry. There activities that add value to consumer at nearly every stage of the value chain of the soft drink industry. The war is primarily fought between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo as market leaders in this industry; who combined have roughly a ninety percent market share in their industry. The impact of globalization on competition has allowed both of these major players to find new markets to tap which has allowed each continued growth potential. The interactions between the two major players allows for the creation of a level of competition, where both companies are consistently seeking to improve their businesses processes to remain competitive with the other. Each company also has a set of pricing and output decisions that not only effect their organization but the entire industry in general. One of the most pressing trends for both companies is that consumers are generally becoming more health conscious and beginning to shun carbonated beverages. Significant Challenges The most significant challenge that faces Pepsi is how to continue to produce in popular dark carbonated beverage indefinitely, but also diversify its product line sufficiently enough to capture as much market share as possible as the new non-carbonated trend continues to gain in consumer salience. Corporate Strategy Pepsi primary strategy is to dominate in two separate categories. First, Pepsi has dominated the youth
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