Case Analysis : Corporate Theft And Sabotage

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Based on the information in this case analysis, what are the types of threats DBR may be facing? DBR is facing various kinds of threats like one from its competitors who could try to steal the intellectual property of DBR and other from the advanced hackers who may be against the offshore oil drilling projects and could target DBR for their role in those projects. Corporate Theft & Sabotage Recently DBR released their advanced robotic prototype at an international tradeshow. Industry experts have termed this prototype as the most advanced robotic system and also suggest that this prototype is at least 5 years ahead of what DBR’s competition has to offer. Because of this reason, DBR fear that their competitors could try and steal their…show more content…
Espionage through advanced persistent threat (APT) Advanced persistent threat (APT) is most critical information security threat. Competitor companies could try such attacks with intent of having ongoing access to DBR’s research data. In these attacks, the data is not damaged or deleted, but is stolen without raising any alarms. This is the most advanced and critical threat because with APT attacks, competitors can have unrestricted access to DBR’s network and data for as long as they desire. Corporate Theft & Sabotage The threat which DBR is facing from its competitors is another significant threat. Before the launch of the new prototype robot, DBR’s competitors had an upper hand in the market which they lost once the DBR announced their new prototype. Network attacks from the DBR’s competitors could be aimed at either at stealing the intellectual property so that they can again get in front in the robotics market or those attacks could be for damaging or corrupting the research data so that DBR is not able to function as efficiently. Such network attacks are also capable of damaging the company’s infrastructure. Competitor’s intent behind these threats is straightforward, they want to get ahead in the market either by stealing the information from DBR or by hampering DBR’s functioning through data and infrastructure damage. Sabotage & Information extortion Environment “hacktivists” may attack the network of DBR with
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