Case Analysis : ' Custodial Setting '

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Likewise, in his custodial setting, case study Sean also minimises his offending behaviour and tries to justify his action rather than recognising how serious his behaviour is. He places an expectation on his YOT workers to sort him out rather than engaging in the services provided to him. In addition, Sean has made plans for when he leaves his custodial setting, however, YOT practitioners have signed him on the Summer Art College (SAC) which runs for 5 days a week, and might not fit into what Sean plans when he gets out, especially when he already thinks he didn’t deserve to be in custody and may become detached or disengaged from the intervention. Sean’s mother allow seems to be in denial; she will not be able to help in Sean’s engagement with the YOT practitioner but instead, she will be a barrier towards his engagement because she believes her son is the victim and what he has done is not serious. She also gives the impression that she is going to be demanding as she is waiting for Sean to take care of her and sort the bills. Another barrier that could be faced is the fact that Sean will be returning back to his community and delinquent peers; his psychological state and motivation to change, the responsibility placed on him by his mum. Furthermore, the easiest way to disengage Sean is to give him worksheets he cannot complete, thus practitioners would need to recognise the educational level he is at and provide services that meet his responsivity needs. In contrast,…
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