Case Analysis : Diaz Consulting

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1. Executive Summary Diaz Consulting is in the process of being formed as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) owned and operated by Marcos Diaz. The purpose of this plan is to layout the legality aspect of this newly forming company. The plan will discuss the company summary, the ethical views, values, and considerations, as well as any disagreements encountered between the owner Marcos Diaz and Diaz Consulting’s investors. The plan will propose a draft of a valid contract between Diaz Consulting and its customers prior to beginning service. 1.1 Mission The mission of the company is to help small and mid-size businesses succeed by providing stellar service and building partnerships. The business is to hold high ethical standards based on a…show more content…
Visit to obtain form 2. Print and fill out form Limited Liability Companies Domestic 3. Mail form and $110 check payable to Secretary of State’s Office along with a self-addressed, stamped return envelop. 3.2. Employer Identification Number Registration 1. Visit to find the section for EIN Registration 2. Click on apply online to complete the registration 3.3. Local Business License 1. Visit or call the county office to ensure that a business license is needed. 3.4. Registering business for income tax withholding 1. Visit and register by clicking the MyDORWAY link. 4. Valid Contract The Contract proposed in the next section will be provided to all Diaz Consulting clients before providing service. The Contract will serve as a mutual assent, where in order “for a contract to be valid, the parties must reach an agreement using a combination of offer and acceptance.” [2] Diaz Consulting will avoid at all cost any litigation and will seek legal advice from attorneys that do not have a Rambo type mentality. 4.1. Service Agreement The Contract below was written with the help of Rocket Lawyer Legal Contracts generator tool. This contract for Services is made effective as of {Date}, by Diaz Consulting, LLC, and {Customer Name}. 1. Description of Services. Beginning on {Date}, Diaz Consulting, LLC, will provide the following services to {Client Name}: a. {Service Type} 2. Payment. Payment will be
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