Case Analysis : Dixielands Glory, Limited Liability Company

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Case Analysis: DixieLands Glory, Limited Liability Company Overview of Company Herein will begin with an overview and introduction from personal knowledge of DixieLands Glory, LLC; a small family owned and operated business for the purpose of owning and managing rental properties. The company was initially operated as Warf’s Rentals; in 2003 the business was renamed and incorporated to become DixieLands Glory, LLC. The business is operated from a small office located in the family’s home, which is located in Linden, Tennessee. DixieLands Glory owns, operate, and manage approximately eighty-five rental units ranging from single-family homes to 4-plexes and mobile home parks. The properties that the company owns are mostly located in the states of Tennessee and Alabama. Of this, about 50 percent are located in the family’s hometown of Linden, Tennessee, with the remainder being located in two other Tennessee counties, and Decatur, Alabama. Ownership The owners of DixieLands Glory are a husband and wife team, Sam and Diane, with their two children who are 19 and 21 years old. The couple started the business when their children were very young as a part time operation. In 2001, Sam fell off a roof and broke his back prohibiting him from continuing in his prior employment of building custom houses. This spurred Sam into creating a living for his family by building a rental business that would be able to sustain his family’s needs. In the course of a few months, Sam took

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