Case Analysis : Dr. Hawk

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Information was emailed to Agent Meyers for his records. Also on this date I requested a subpoena for patient records from Hawk for Moss, Licavoli, Cook, Frangel, Wilson, and Johnson to be served at the April 8, 2015 appointment. Koch is yet to be correctly identified therefore records will be requested at a later date if possible. Subpoenas were also requested for Washington County and St Francois County Coroner’s Offices. Interview with Dr Andrew Hawk, 1 Dillon Plaza Dr, High Ridge, MO (636) 677-3012 On April 8, 2015 I interviewed Dr Hawk at his current place of business. After introducing myself, telling Hawk the reason for the appointment I gave Hawk the Subpoena for patient records. Hawk said he would be unable to provide the records as he no longer had access to WCMH files. Hawk said if BHA could provide the records he would be happy to answer any questions. I told Hawk I would inquire with my supervisor as to what needed to be done under the current circumstances. Dr Hawk gave the following information regarding his prior position with Washington County Memorial Hospital (WCMH): Dr Hawk said he mark section 18 “yes” because he was and is still under review by the DEA regarding prescriptions he did while employed by WCMH in Potosi, MO. Hawk said the entire episode has left him frustrated and stressed. WCMH originally hired him as a Family Medicine Physician but forced pain management patients of another physician onto him after the physician left the
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