Case Analysis : Duplox Copiers Canada Limited

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Duplox Copiers Canada Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Duplox Copiers Incorporated as well as a multinational firm based in the United States. Duplox Copiers Canada Limited (DCCL) follow the classical management strategy which slightly shifts to human relations strategy in some aspects. Currently, the reputation of DCCL is at risk because of the high volume of internal and external complaints about the quality of the service provided. Also, the employee turnover rate increased which puts enormous pressure on the Technical Services Department, which is the primary source of the company revenue.
Our company, AEY Company, has been given the opportunity to identify and analyze both contextual and structural variables and recommend the
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As mentioned above the unequal division of responsibility within department due to lack of job design also results in a bad coordination within the organization. Examples of instance referred to in the case of Duplox would be the interdependence between the TSS and FSM teams; the sales department and the TSS’s, where the sales team don’t put much weight on the argument by the TSS’s that improper installation can cause higher repair and service cost. This not only creates discontentment between department but also affects the bonuses the Directors and managers gain based on the TSS’s productivity which is either met or exceed the past year. High- involvement managerial strategy the supervisor no longer would be the primary controller and evaluator instead would be the facilitator. They would help remove barriers to adequate performance and provide resources and assistance to subordinates to perform efficiently and allow decisions to be made at the lowest possible levels in the organization. The overall leadership style is participative or democratic in nature.

The control structure is the means used to ensure that organization members are doing what they are supposed to do; it describes the nature of and methods for communication in an organization. Due to lack of a structural job design and absence of coordination within departments and lack of autonomy employees are irresponsible and do not perform the task to
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