Case Analysis : Embry Investment Group

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Embry Investment Group is continuously seeking to find a “rising star” business to invest in. After monitoring market performance and researching their business, this report makes the necessary interpretations to recommend an investment in Under Armour, Inc. Under Armour’s financial data, growth trends, business goals, and projections of future performance are all analyzed. Throughout all areas of assessment, data indicates that Under Armour appears to be a financially healthy business that offers a low to moderate risk for investment opportunities.
Under Armour Analysis
There is always an inherent risk when financial investments are made. According to financial analysts and investment professionals, there is no such thing as a sure bet, only varying levels of risk (, 2014). To alleviate that risk, a thorough process of research and analysis is done to screen potential investment opportunities. One such business that presents a low risk, yet high reward potential, is Under Armour.
To accurately assess the risks involved with a possible investment in Under Armour, an in-depth research process into the company was completed. This research involved the following areas:
• Company history and values
• Current and past financial reports o Balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flows
• Stock performance
• Areas of risk
• Industry competition
• Future goals and projections
The report will conclude with a recommendation to make an…
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