Case Analysis : Embry Investment Group

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Embry Investment Group is continuously seeking to find a “rising star” business to invest in. After monitoring market performance and researching their business, this report makes the necessary interpretations to recommend an investment in Under Armour, Inc. Under Armour’s financial data, growth trends, business goals, and projections of future performance are all analyzed. Throughout all areas of assessment, data indicates that Under Armour appears to be a financially healthy business that offers a low to moderate risk for investment opportunities. Under Armour Analysis Introduction There is always an inherent risk when financial investments are made. According to financial analysts and investment professionals, there is no such…show more content…
Company History and Highlights Considering their current market presence, Under Armour has risen into the athletic apparel and accessories market relatively quickly for a business its age. Founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank, Under Armour has ascended in less than two decades from an operation selling t-shirts from the trunk of a car, in to a major industry participant that is now challenging Nike, Reebok, and Adidas for market superiority. Their rapid growth has not been accidental. Under Armour developed from the humble idea to create a better shirt. Plank researched the benefits of synthetic fabrics and eventually developed a new, revolutionary product. Two years after he began this project, he could finally move Under Armour’s headquarters from his grandmother’s basement into a warehouse. The following year, Under Armour agreed to supply the uniforms and gear for Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday. Exposure from the movie and their first print ad in ESPN the Magazine led to a $750,000 gain in sales. (Under Armour Investor Relations, 2014). Plank’s emphasis to create a brand that attracted athletes was working and less than five years after its inception, Under Armour was now partnering with Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League. Their growth would continue at a rapid pace as
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