Case Analysis : Employee Handbook

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Employee Handbook Company X has become a leader in providing group health insurance benefits to businesses all over the United States. We strive to give superior coverage at cost effective rates while providing excellent customer service to our members. The employee handbook is a reference tool for all employees as a guide on company standards and procedures as well as expectations of codes of conduct. Any questions about the information provided in the employee handbook should be directed to your supervisor or to a member of the Human Resources Management team. Standards and Procedures Prohibition of Harassment Company X complies with all federal, state and local laws that prohibit harassment of any employee or applicant for…show more content…
Computers and the use of the internet and emails are for communication between employees and our customers. Personal email use should not be conducted on company property at any time. Do not forward any type of inappropriate material to other employees or our customers. Always use professional language when sending an email to our customers and other employees. The use of the internet is for job-related functions and software information should not be downloaded without the permission of a supervisor or an information technology employee. Employees should refrain from making personal phone calls or receiving personal phone calls during working hours. Emergencies may arise where personal phone calls are necessary and will be allowed. Any other urgent calls need to be kept to a brief conversation. There is no expectation of privacy when using company equipment and employee use can be monitored at any time during their employment. Attendance Policy Supervisors will set up employees work schedule after completion of orientation training. You are expected to work the schedule hours set up by your supervisor. Your supervisor must authorize any changes to your work schedule. Any absenteeism will not be tolerated without an excuse and must be approved by your supervisor. If you are going to be tardy or absent from work you need to notify your supervisor in advance or as soon as
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