Case Analysis : Estate B Essay

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1/ PV711/235 This is a Fee Simple Title which means the the property is owned by only one person as shown in the register. - The title shows that the Land is mortgaged to Westpac which means that there is an obligation Fee Simple is freehold estate which is the highest form of ownership because the owner can do whatever he on the part of the owner of the land to secure repayment to Westpac. chooses to do with the land so he has all the rights/privileges to the property, whether to build, subdivide, lease, to gift, - It is also shown that there is a variation on Mortgage which means that there were some mortgage, etc. in an infinite period of time. amendments done on the mortgage contract which maybe change in the interest rate If the owner dies, he can pass ownership to another person by will or inheritance. or loan amount . - This title also has an easement pertaining to right of way and sewerage drainage and water drainage and this means that the owner should give access to drain, discharge, and convey sewage and drain water through the easement facility and over the land specified in the Easement certificate.

2/PV127A/487 This is a Cross Lease Title which is a composite estate wherein there is a freehold and leasehold interest on the property. - There is a Building Line Restriction which is a memorial/interest in
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