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Panera Bread Company Panera Bread Company is a place where patrons can get quality food of its menu without waiting for long period of time. Panera Bread Company competitors are fast food chain restaurant and other place that provide on the go services. The major tactic that this company has applied is to provide variety of deli-style menu with attractive ambience for its patrons. The menu provide quality food for patrons, it contains varieties of sandwiches, fresh baked breads, soups and freshly brewed coffees. The company’s is to deliver types of food for patrons who may be on the time crunch and do not wish to sit down and eat. Panera Bread is known for its fresh baked bread, and the patron expects and knows they will always be…show more content…
The company does not compete with market leaders. This is because most of competitors’ dont focus on the niche market. This company has able focus at one particularly point, but other companies’ focuses on many points at the same time. Panera has be able to focus at one point at time because their menu is simple, just offering sandwiches and coffee, where as other companies have Mexican food, and Hamburgers as well. Other companies saw this strategy and are doing same as in taking one problem at time. Panera has done well in mastering its menu in patrons favor. This company always brings in new ideas on the menu. This keeps the patrons happy and loyal to the restaurant. Panera also keeps changing their menu every few months, which also goes along the seasons. This makes it really hard for competitors to have the same menu. Panera makes it own dough for the bread, and other suppliers supply other goods. This makes the burden on suppliers at minimum level. This company’s marketing department is very strong. This is because individual restaurant owners have to pay their marketing fees and Panera creates a national wide advisement. Although Panera’s approach has numerous optimistic aspects, there are still few problems that have to mind. Panera’s distributing facilities are located in the center, the restaurant are located so far apart that the delivery truck has that travel about 300 to 500 miles every day just to transport fresh dough of
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