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Case Analysis – Toyota Prius Toyota Prius Situation Analysis : This case focuses on how Toyota as a vehicle manufacturer is looking to get more people to migrate from gas powered vehicles to environment friendly hybrid car variety. The case looks at the automobile market and specifically the hybrid and fuel cell category market in great detail. The automobile industry in general is highly dependent on government regulations and legislatures. There were a lot of pro hybrid and pro Fuel cell legislations that were passed by the California State government which the experts felt that was a matter of time before it would be adopted by other states and would soon become Federal Law. The general trend amidst American customers has been to…show more content…
As a company Toyota now had to take Prius and make it more acceptable to the late adaptors and induce people to buy hybrids. Alternatives : The advertising and marketing campaigns of Prius have always revolved around its technical superiority over all other gas powered vehicles while still maintaining the basic performance attributes. However at this stage of the PLC, Prius has to communicate and connect to new customers at an emotional level. Since Late adopters and laggards usually tend to have a delegatory buying behavior, they often tend to make decisions based less on technical aspects of the product. Thus the marketing campaign should focus on portraying the act of being caring about the planet a desirable trait in people. It should also depict the ownership of Prius as a point of Pride – as a medallion of one’s contribution to the planet’s wellbeing. To overcome geographical and demographic biases, the ads should depict different kinds of people, men and women from different states, professions and backgrounds displaying their pride at owning a Prius. Owning a Hybrid should be portrayed as a patriotic duty of every car owner in order to protect the environment and thereby the future of the nation. The more interior states of Memphis and others could use some American Celebs who the people identifies with become brand ambassadors for promoting Hybrid
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