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What factors created an opportunity for Bob Reiss & the TV Guide game? The following are the factors that created an opportunity for Bob Reiss and TV Guide game: * Having a prior work experience in the games industry working as a consultant he had the ability to understand the nuances of the business * With his capabilities, he had increased the sales upto $12000000 within three years * He could easily foresee the rise of Trivial Pursuit in Canada and its potential market and thus success in the US market (US market had approx 10 times the sales of Canada) * TV guide thought of involving themselves because of the monetary gain that the venture assured and supported the idea of working with a small company instead of a…show more content…
* The fixed cost component of developing the product was between $30,000 and $50,000 but additional $300,000 was needed to finance the first production run. The funds would be needed until the initial payments from sales arrived a few months later. * He needed initial capital for investment, which he got from his long term friend Kaplan * Then there was the problem of financing the accounts receivable. There was the fear that the bills of some of the smaller stores carrying the game would be difficult to collect since R&R was not having the resources to follow up closely on its collections. So they decided to use Heller Factoring to check credit, guarantee payment, collect the money and pay Trivia Inc. all for a fee of 1% over sales. * Kaplan had a vast experience in printing and his numerous contacts helped them to secure press time and paper supplies in short notice * Swiss colony solved the problem of shipping for which Reiss was a long time consultant * JIT basis was used by Trivia Inc. to make all its suppliers send the different components to Swiss Colony where they would put the boards, dice, and questions in the boxes, package and ship them * Selling the game was another problem * Mass merchandiser accounted for 70% of market * In order to overcome the problem of marketing, Reiss launched a four stage marketing plan 3) Would this approach have worked for Parker

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