Case Analysis

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Principles of Management

Case Analysis

(Dyners Corporation)

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I. Background
Mr. Alfaro Burgos, the vice president for sales of Dyners Corporation. It is a family firm that manufactures stainless steel and silver plated tableware. After some time, the inventory of the company showed a shortage. He discovered some mispacking of silver plated tableware in the warehouse of the corporation. He hired an industrial security firm to investigate the deprivation in the warehouse. It did not take long for the agent to discover the truth. Karlo Deles, the warehouse supervisor was the man behind the internal
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And there is possibility that Mr. Deles still continue his misdoings.

Let Mr. Deles stay and he will still be paid. But while he is still in the company he will train some employee that Mr. Burgos think are suited for the position of supervisor. If Mr. Burgos already knows whose employee deserves for promotion, he will demote Mr. Deles to lower position. And if he will not act properly he will be terminated.

It is a safe move for the company because they will not get bad publicity; they will not undergo into many processes and may be the easiest way to get rid Mr. Deles. Mr. Deles will not lose his source of income unless he makes an unnecessary move against the company.
Mr. Deles may not teach all the tasks and responsibility of being a supervisor to his trainees. As he will consider himself as a big loss since he worked for so long in the company and will not let anyone take charge in his position. It will also take time for the trainees to learn all the tasks of a supervisor and in case they were promoted they still need to adjust themselves into new challenges.

Dismiss Mr. Deles without getting any pay back or pension from Dyners Corporation. It is the consequence for being dishonest in the company. His pension or pay back that should receive will be the payment for the big loss of the company due to his stealing.

This will be a relief for the employees he handled because they totally

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