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Theoretical Case Analysis
Family Analysis – The Andersons
A family’s structure is as unique as each individual that is a part of it. In order to adequately assist a family a comprehensive understanding of their behavior, development, and concerns must be formulated. Though a holistic and clinical understanding of the family does not offer any specific therapy interventions, the insight it reveals does help guide the clinician to recognize what type of intervention might be most effective when working with the family. This paper will outline a case in order to integrate theory and evidence based practice as they apply to social work practice. The case of the Andersons will be presented in this paper, though names and details have been changed to protect client confidentiality.
The couple is Sergeant Scott Anderson (age 26) and Mrs. Christina Anderson (age 23) (please see Appendix A for a complete genogram of the Andersons, plus extended family), who have been married for four years. They are of modest socioeconomic status (Sgt. Anderson maintains the rank of E-5) and lives in a single-family home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Sgt. Anderson returned from a 10-month deployment to Afghanistan approximately six months ago, though both Scott and Christina mention that they’ve been experiencing problems for at least two years. Both Sgt. Anderson and Christina report that they have a history of instability in their relationship, though they both indicate their desires to work on
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