Case Analysis : Gorilla Health Bars

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INTRODUCTION Gorilla health Bars is a food producing company situated in Victoria, Australia. It commonly produce health based snakes bars by fruit, oats, and nuts. It started its business in 2011, with old two stored recent times they started to make a bit of profit and expend there business by focusing on corporate social responsibility. Defining PROBLEMS Firstly, GHB using an old building. This was built in 1960. It constructed with corrugated iron as well. So it’s become so hot in summer and too cold in winter. Secondly, it’s having water consumption problem. It’s increasing rapidly in the last two years. In the end it increases product manufacture ring costs. So it 's a great threat for this company. Thirdly, the supply chain management of GHB is not good enough. It saw that, GHB collets there raw materials from Darwin, Australia. So their cost lots of money to collect those materials causes it’s so far from Victoria. To figure out the facing problems of Gorilla Health Bars and find the best solution is the main of this report. Hence finding more sustainable way to gain more profit and expend there business on focusing on CSR is also an aim of this report. The main view point of the report is to make Gorilla Health Bars more sustainable and economically proficient. In this report, facing three problems which are electricity bills, water consumption and transportation cost of GBH would discuss and solution would given. FINDING AND DISCUSSION
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