Case Analysis : Health Care

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Health Care is always going to have laws and regulations to go by. However, not every employee in the health care field is going to abide by these rules and regulations. Therefor, courts have plenty of health care cases come into their court every year because of negligence. In some cases, the courts decide in the patient 's favor and others decide in the facilities or doctor 's favor. The judge and Jury members have to be given plenty of evidence and facts in order to provide both the defendant and plaintiff with a fair judgment. In most cases not everyone is happy with the decision of the outcome that the jury comes up with. To avoid horrific incidents, physicians must not be negligent with their patients. In the case Bonner vs.…show more content…
Bonner 's diagnosis. In this case, a death occurred as a result of the physician 's negligence. I believe that all diagnosis should be considered with multiple tests ran and sometimes more than one physician 's opinion. Dr. Richard Cotton should have ran multiple tests on Mr. Bonner to consider his diagnosis. Cancer should be the number one thing physician 's should check for when a patient has symptoms of a disease. In this case, cancer was further down on the list of diseases Dr. Cotton checked for. If Dr. Cotton had performed a test to rule out cancer to begin with, Mr. Bonner and Dr. Cotton could have been aware of the problem sooner and maybe could have gotten the correct treatment for his gastric cancer. However, we are not one-hundred percent sure that Mr. Bonner died from gastric cancer, but we can be almost positive that his gastric cancer is what he passed away from. We can determine this because this was what he was later diagnosed with after it had spread, ultimately killing him. Ms. Bonner could not provide enough information to the Appellate court for them to determine that is was the defendant’s conduct that killed her husband. We do not know the Supreme courts ruling on this case. However, in my opinion I believed that it was the defendant 's poor choice in testing his patient that killed Mr. Bonner. So if I was the judge
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