Case Analysis: He's A Retired Cop

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The article I read this week was titled, “He’s a retired cop. Now his son is accused of killing a police officer and his own wife,” by Ian Shapira. The crime scene was set in a Northern Virginia home belonging to Staff Sgt. Ronald “Ronnie” Hamilton who is accused of murdering his wife, Crystal Hamilton, and Prince William Officer, Ashley Guindon. Ronald and Crystal had an 11-year old son who will now be in the care of his grandfather, a retired second-in command officer at the Charleston police department. The elder Hamilton is left in a tough situation because he says he is dealing with family on all sides- the police, his family, and Crystal’s family. In the charging documents, Ronnie admitted to the killing leaving the chief prosecutor, Paul B. Elbert, to seek the death penalty. However, the defense attorney, Ed Ungvarsky, says that after serving two tours in Iraq, Ronnie is psychologically and mentally impaired. Ronnie’s father states that he was not the same after his deployments, but Crystal’s family disputes this and says that it was his marriage that unraveled not his mind. Ronnie and Crystal got married a few months after the birth of their son in February 2005; he was later deployed to Iraq a second time in October 2005. His father noticed that he became withdrawn and even seemed depressed. When he returned in September 2006, he got into a…show more content…
It is believed that Ronnie was not mentally stable at the time of the incident. It brings up that there was psychological damage that rendered him powerless to control his impulses. The article also touches on the ethical dilemma officers may face. Although the elder Hamilton was a retired officer he still felt a commitment and loyalty to the force, it was his second family, yet at the same time he needs to be there for his son to support, care, and ensure his
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