Case Analysis : Home Depot

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Case Summary:

Home Depot continues to pace the do-it-yourself large box store market by identifying potential marketing opportunities through research. One way the company has separated itself from rival companies Lowes and Menards, is by determining the need to target women home-improvement shoppers. Home Depot was able to produce a bucket which is easier to use and carry for consumers who may have difficulty using a traditional bucket. The new bucket has pockets on the bottom and side, and larger handle which allow for ease of use of the bucket. Home Depot realized the market for female consumers, and the need for new products, through marketing research and development. The case explains how Home Depot utilized segmentation to target several different consumer groups and identify their specific requests and demands.

Key Marketing Issues • Market Research – The systematic design, collection, interpretation, and reporting of information to help marketers solve specific marketing problems or take advantage of marketing opportunities. Home Depot utilized research to realize potential new opportunities including the female consumer group.
• Market Segmentation Variables – The characteristics of individual groups or organizations used to divide a market into segments. Home Depot has used segmentation to identify specific consumer groups like contractors and females.

• Survey Methods – Home Depot uses sampling to collect primary data through in-person surveys…

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