Case Analysis : Honicker Corporation

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Honicker Corporation Case I. Case summary Honicker Corporation is a USA based, successful dashboard manufacturer. It has opportunities for international expansion, but due to the ultraconservative culture it did not happened until they faced a change in management in 2009. Honicker was a rich company, and to expand, they took the short road and acquired four companies around the world: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. There were two commonalities among these companies: they serviced mainly in their own geographical area, and senior management knew their geographical culture and hold good reputation with their stakeholders. Considering these facts, Honicker decided to leave senior management teams intact in the four companies and apply the necessary corporate changes. Honicker’s goal was to enable each company to provide their customers worldwide. Honicker had an EPM that worked well, and wanted to apply the same methodology or a modified version of it in each of the acquired companies, and to enable them to reach the same level of maturity in PM that Honicker had. As could be predicted, each company had different levels of maturity in PM. Alpha had an EPM system and believed that their PM implementation was better than Honicker’s. Beta Company was just learning PM and did not have an EMP; they did have some templates that used for status report. Gamma and Delta did not know about project management. Additional to these PM differences, laws of the four company’s locations

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