Case Analysis : Humana Inc.

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Humana Inc. Is Health Care Company Based out of the Louisville Kentucky, If I could pick a company to work for I would choose Humana because I feel that the company is an ideal place to work because it’s a fortune 500 company which is located in the same city and state that I reside and also the company I feel has a vast amount of potential in me being able to choose a career due to its large number of departments and groups this will eventually open more doors to learn and grown which will make for even greater opportunities for growth in the company in the future. Another reason for my decision to go with the company is what I also stated earlier. This year Forbes 500 listed Humana as 73rd in the United States and on the Forbes 2000…show more content…
Humana’s ethical behavior is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in the conduct of its business. The key to upholding those standards is the daily decisions and actions of each and every Associate. Humana wants to make it easy for all associates to understand their ethical standards, and to promote open communication about them. The Company operates under a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, known as Principles of Business Ethics; this consists of provisions that range from restrictions on gifts to conflicts of interest and applies to everyone in the company. The Ethics department is responsible for the design and enforcement of the Company’s ethics policies. The Ethics department has created an Ethics Plan which the goal of this is to create a workplace in which ethics is essential for day-to-day operations the plan is make ethical behavior self-enforcing. Humana’s Ethics is designed to help each associate to contribute to the company’s success through ethical behavior and by doing the right thing in the right way for the right reasons. Humana will continue to show that maintaining high ethical standards is not only the right thing to do, but that it’s also what’s best for business. Humana offers insurance products and services along with health and wellness services. Humana operates through three departments these departments
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