Case Analysis : Hy Dairies, Inc. Essay

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Case Analysis of Hy Dairies, INC Kashyap Pd. Marahatta BUS 540 Organizational Behavior Professor: Shirley Chuo Westcliff University 25/10/2016 Abstract This paper is prepared as an analysis of the case of Hy Dairies, Inc. This will mainly focus on showing the affects of stereotyping in organisations in the real world, taking the incident that occurred at HY Dairies, Inc. It will also try to provide ways which organisations can adopt to minimize stereotypes or its affects as seen in the organisation. Here, the case would also be tried to be analysed by applying all the possible concepts and theories learned throughout the course of organisational behaviour. And on the basis of that analysis recommendations will be given to an organisational leader which he can adopt to tackle the problems that are basically seen in an organisation. Case analysis of Hy Dairies, Inc Stereotyping is referred to as a process which assist individuals in assigning characteristics to a certain group and reassign them to anybody they get a slight impression of being a member of that group (McShane & Glinow, 2013). According to Morgan (2002), social identity theory points out that the ‘self’ concept comprises of identity (personal attributes) and the characteristics of the group they belong (social identities). As Muslims are stereotyped as terrorists, they often go through a detailed security check in the airports. As the case highlights, Gillman, the VP offered Beauport who

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