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INTRODUCTION: The Mattress Company Simmons wanted a hot new bed to sell, so they went to the best design firm in the world IDEO to come up with the concept. The first meetings between the two teams were brilliant with creative energy on both sides. Then IDEO went off to work on the prototype. A couple months later they came back to Simmons and showed off the prototype in a big, classic IDEO pitch. The response from Simmons was not positive though they knew it was good, but Simmons had no ownership over it. About Simmons and IDEO: Simmons Bedding Company was one of the oldest and major company in USA and had net sales for 2005 were $855 million but company wanted to explore new product opportunities in same field to tap more customers…show more content…
The Simmons Project and Product Strategy: The Simmons phase0 began in March 2000 when the manager of Simmons approached IDEO to find new opportunities for the mattress company. Product Strategy was divided into 3 phases: Phase0a: It was basically entailed targeted multidisciplinary research. Both parties had a meeting and afterwards IDEO began field research about mattress market like users, behavior, environments and need. Phase0b: It was focused on the bed and its associated space, furniture and objects acted as a system to support the user in different stages of need. Phase0c: Finally the team expanded upon the singles opportunity area by turning the ideas into nascent product concepts that connected to value propositions and described the product’s fit to the user’s life. Problems and Reasons: Though the management of Simmons liked the hard work and presentation skills but they were not happy about their less involvement. Though IDEO team really put lots and lot of efforts to analyze the market but did not focused on relationship and Simmons was the company looks for the inspiration within its own realm. Also these might be the reasons why Simmons didn’t reply: 1) They have to automate their manufacturing process for new segments and they may have concern about their profits from new segment of youth singles. 2) They may be concerned that they may have to sacrifice quality to provide lower prices for the
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