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Illegitimate case
Inappropriate use of a concept. This case could be classified as self-sabotage. Miss Blackburn, a 57 year old black female recently diagnosed with coronary artery disease that was sent for catheterization. It was revealed the artery involved was greater than 80 percent and the need for coronary artery bypass graft was completed. During the hospital stay she was to attend education for nutrition, medication administration, dressing changes and the monitoring of signs and symptoms of complications. She never attended conversations regarding any of needed education with her family, the nurses, a nutritionist, or discharge planner. She had no motivation for physical/respiratory therapy, ambulation, sitting in a chair or
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She attended education classes regarding this disease, complications and ways to manage and maintain effective diabetes control. She has been monitoring her blood glucose levels, follows a diabetic diet regimen and insulin administration, daily exercise, completes eye and foot inspections and has regular appointments with her doctor. Her A1C has remained between 6 to 7 percent and has no diabetes related complications, revealing acceptable diabetes maintenance.
Application case Specific practice situation. Self-care in action with intervention.
B. Cooke is a 16 year old male who has a new diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. Her blood glucose levels so far have been in range. The treatment regimen discussed by her physician and nutritionist is understood by her parents, while she works at understanding. Her blood glucose is checked numerous times a day as instructed and insulin is administered based on the reading. She is attempting to complete care independently. She is in sports and has a daily exercise regimen with the goal of weight loss. One intervention for this patient was to have her attend additional education with a nutritionist and other teens her age allowing the nutritionist to assess “self-care” progress. The outcome for this patient thus-far is positive with the hope of acceptable diabetes maintenance in the future. It is the belief; teens with a new diagnosis will accept education and self-care easier if other people the same age and
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